Daryl M. Williams

BWG Founding Partner



  • J.D., Brigham Young University, Cum Laude, 1976
  • B.A., Brigham Young University, Economics with Honors, 1973


  • Arizona State Courts
  • Arizona Federal Courts
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of California
  • United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit
  • United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit
  • U.S. Supreme Court

(Past admissions pro hac vice in several other jurisdictions)


  • National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
  • Arizona School for the Arts (Charter School), Board of Advisors, 2012-Present
  • Ballet & Friends, a §501(c)(3) — An organization supporting ballet for young men and women, 2008-Present
  • American Diabetes Association, Board of Directors and Research Policy Committee, 2002-2005
  • American Diabetes Association, Board Member for the Mountain States Regional Board (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming), 1997-2002
  • Arizona School for the Arts (Charter School), Member, Board of Governors, 1997-2001
  • Arizona School for the Arts (Charter School), President, 2000-2001
  • Arizona School for the Arts (Charter School), Secretary, 1998-2000
  • American Diabetes Association, Arizona Affiliate Board Member and Chair, 1994-1997
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Daryl M. Williams is an AV-rated trial lawyer, a distinction awarded to preeminent lawyers.

Williams conducted more than 100 jury trials involving commercial litigation matters. His experience includes cases involving contracts, securities fraud, construction defects, real estate, lender liability, bad faith insurance claims, unfair trade practices, software piracy matters, trade secrets, trademark and patent infringements, anti-trust, unfair trade practice, and civil racketeering suits.

Williams was lead defense counsel in the $577-million securities fraud case brought against the Baptist Foundation of Arizona by the Arizona Attorney General. The 10-month jury trial, which involved almost 10,000 exhibits, garnered extensive local and national media attention.

Williams’ largest jury award was for $47 million, resulting in a judgement of almost $60 million. This was an international breach-of-contract case involving claims against the world’s largest childcare provider, a multi-billion dollar company headquartered in Australia.

Williams is an active, commercially-licensed pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings, and has more than 4,000 hours of flight time. Williams represented pilots and airline/air-taxi operators charged with Federal Air Regulations: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificate actions, and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) appeals. Some of his largest commercial cases included breach-of-contract and real estate related cases involving airports and operators at airports, where his familiarity with aviation law gives him an advantage.

Williams is also a volunteer for the Veterans Airlift Command. He provides transportation to post-9/11 combat wounded and their families. In addition, he is a concert pianist and plays for the primary organization (ages 3 to 12) of a Spanish-speaking branch of his church.

Williams served as an adjunct professor of law at Arizona State University (Fall 2011 and Fall 2012), where he taught trial technology in the courtroom. He is a registered scouter for the Boy Scouts of America, serving as the assistant Scoutmaster for the 11-year old patrol of Troop 300; he served as the Scoutmaster for Troop 300 in the mid-1980s and was Scoutmaster of the Year in 1984.

In the past, he also served on the local and national board of directors for the American Diabetes Association, and was instrumental in getting the FAA to modify regulations that had previously precluded individuals with Type I diabetes from flying.

He has regularly been involved in issues involving immigration; speaking at various venues: the annual meeting of the Western History Association (2013); immigration debates in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Flagstaff, Tucson, and Yuma (2011—2013); serving on a panel in the US House of Representatives Rayburn building on immigration issues (2012); and in 2011, he was instrumental in the successful recall of Russell Pearce, the sponsor of SB1070. Williams has also appeared on several radio and television shows.

Williams is a conservative, free-market economist adhering to the principles taught by Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Friedman. He is a student of the scriptures and a woodworker.

Daryl Williams is conversationally fluent in Spanish.


“What impressed me about Daryl Williams is about 50 things, but here’s a couple. He was honest and clear in communicating his expectations and goals of the case. He plays ‘bad cop’ so well. He enters the room like he’s in charge and making all the calls. It works. Although he would have happily allowed me to continue the lawsuit, he empowered me to make the best decision FOR ME.”

“This was a great experience. I would work with Daryl Williams over and over again. He truly wanted the best outcome for me and my family. I believe I was in the best and most capable legal hands, and that comfort I had was priceless!”

Allison Gentry


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Recent Cases

DBT Yuma, LLC v. Yuma County Airport Authority

The question in this case is the liability of Yuma County for the actions of its, using the language of the applicable statute, agency or instrumentality. The Yuma County Airport Authority operates Yuma County’s airport but claims that its airport authority is an independent non-profit corporation such that Yuma County is not responsible for its actions. The issue was before the Arizona Supreme Court for determination of state-wide policy and application of the statutory scheme allowing a government entity (city, county, or state) to delegate management of an airport to a non-profit corporation: whether the county can be liable for damages claimed in this particular case of up to $100 million.


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