Kelly McKibbin


  • Education

    • Associate of Applied Science, Legal Studies, Phoenix College, 1987
    • Bachelor of Science in Business, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, University of Phoenix, 2010
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Kelly McKibbin is a senior paralegal at Baird, Williams & Greer. She joined the firm in 2016. Kelly has extensive experience in personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, and medical malpractice.

Kelly fosters relationships with clients and peers by demonstrating a strong work ethic. She is committed to staying in contact with clients and moving their case forward to resolution.

Kelly is involved in all aspects of personal injury litigation from inception to settlement or trial. She is an experienced paralegal with considerable knowledge whose duties include marshaling facts, drafting disclosures, preparing discovery requests, responding to discovery requests, preparing demand letters, deposition summaries, and lien settlement proposals while working closely with clients, insurers, and medical providers. Her understanding of medical terminology and records gives her an edge when preparing medical summaries.