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Recovering Lost Profits by Avoiding Limitation of Liability Provisions

By Daniel Mestasz Lost profits are often the largest component of damages in breach of contract cases. Limitation of liability provisions, however, typically preclude those damages and other consequential damages. These provisions are in many types of contracts, particularly service contracts, supply contracts, and contracts governed by the Uniform Commercial Code. If a client has […]

Why Go To Mediation?

Any attorney that says your case is a “slam dunk” is either a liar or is too inexperienced to trust in court. Trials—especially in front of a jury as opposed to a judge—turn on many factors that are simply outside the control of the lawyer and the client. Fortunately, there are alternatives to the roll […]

Humility and the Detailed Understatement – The Importance of the Story

By Robert L. Greer Poised somewhere between sinful vanity and self-destructive submissiveness is a golden mean of self-esteem appropriate to the human condition.  – Stanford Lyman[1] Some successful trial lawyers dominate a courtroom. Their intellect shines, their command of the facts are unparalleled, their language soars. Their physical posture is intimidating; their glare or bemusement […]

Do you Have an Antitrust Claim?

By Craig LaChance Most people have, at best, only a vague understanding of antitrust law. They know it has something to do with monopolies and competition.[1] Perhaps they recall something about antitrust from an American history course—e.g., Standard Oil, 19th century railroad conglomerations, trust-busting politicians. Occasionally, one hears of antitrust in the news when the […]