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Antitrust and Competition

Baird Williams & Greer is the first choice for major corporations, middle-market companies and start-ups seeking advice on their antitrust compliance policies, litigation and regulatory strategies. Learn More>>

Appellate Practice

Baird Williams & Greer is a leader in appellate practices, regularly representing clients before the federal and state courts of appeals, as well as the United States Supreme Court. Learn more>>


Arts and Entertainment

As Internet access continues to grow, members of the creative (art and entertainment) community face an increasing threat of piracy. The attorneys at Baird Williams and Greer specialize in devising and executing strategies to combat the piracy of entertainment content. Learn more>>

Aviation Law

Baird Williams & Greer is widely recognized as the leading specialist law firm in aviation law. Our firm has more than years of experience in handling claims arising from general and corporate aircraft accidents, subrogation, airport premises liability, and product liability actions for aircraft design or manufacturing defects. Learn more>>

Business Contracts & Transactions

At Baird Williams & Greer, we specialize in all aspects of business contracts and commercial transactions, including drafting, reviewing and negotiating the terms and conditions of partnership agreements, general business contracts, licensing agreements, asset purchase contracts, and buy-sell agreements. Learn more>> 

Business Attorney in Phoenix AZ

Commercial Litigation and Transactions

Commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution are the cornerstones of the Baird Williams & Greer law firm. Our attorneys provide experienced legal presentation for high-risk business disputes, including class actions, mass torts and international arbitrations. Learn more>>

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Construction Law

Baird Williams & Greer attorneys provide effective and efficient representation and consultation on construction projects and litigated matters. Our industry knowledge enables us to streamline all phases of the development and construction process, from initial planning and site selection to design and final disposition. Learn more>>

Our insurance litigation attorney Phoenix AZ

Insurance Law

Baird Williams & Greer attorneys boast more than 30years of combined experience in interpreting insurance policies, defining the scope of coverage, providing recommendations, addressing insurance claims and litigating coverage disputes, class actions, and insurer bad faith. Learn more>>


Intellectual Property

With the increase in technology and software utilization, protecting the interest of products, designs, and ideas has become an increasingly difficult task. At Baird, Williams & Greer, we fervently represent our clients in patents, copyright, trademarks, industrial design, trade dress, and trade secrets. Learn more>> 


Personal Injury Law

At Baird Williams & Greer, we believe suffering a personal injury, being the victim of medical malpractice or enduring the wrongful death of a loved one are among the worst occurrences in life. We understand that a personal injury, medical malpractice or wrongful death claim can help relieve these burdens and our lawyers have the experience necessary to successfully advocate on our client’s behalf in their time of need. Learn more>> 

Our product liability attorney in Phoenix

Product Liability

At Baird Williams & Greer, we have the experience necessary to represent suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers in product liability claims. Our team of attorneys specializes in protecting our client’s interest in product safety and efficiency. Learn more>> 

Commercial real estate lawyer

Real Estate Law and Transactions

Baird Williams and Greer is the premier solution for Real Estate and Transaction Law. Utilizing our integrative approach, we seek to minimize disputes in the most cost-effective and timely manner. We represent our clients through clear communication and detailed diligence. At Baird Williams and Greer, our preparation and expert consultation help protect the rights of our clients and their assets. Learn more>>

white collar criminal defense attorney

White-Collar Defense

White-collar investigations can be a daunting and alarming experience. With more aggressive government legal pursuits, what were once civil investigations have transformed into criminal allegations. At Baird Williams & Greer, we understand that white-collar investigations require careful consideration to protect our client’s public image.  Our prudent and experienced team of lawyers can defend the legal rights of our clients with trustworthy disclosure. Learn more>>

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