Antitrust and Competition Law

Baird Williams & Greer’s antitrust attorneys represent major corporations, middle-market companies, start-ups, and individuals in complicated antitrust and competition lawsuits, involving refusals to deal, price discrimination, tying arrangements, exclusive dealing contracts, and other anti-competitive behavior.

Antitrust Law Services in PhoenixAntitrust and competition law is complex and document intensive, and our Phoenix law firm is particularly well-suited to handle the labyrinthine issues that arise in this unique area of law.

In addition to litigation, our attorneys provide day-to-day counseling to clients on a variety of business matters involving internal audits, royalty agreements, licensing and distribution arrangements, pricing practices, joint ventures, patent disputes, and criminal investigations.

As antitrust and competition law becomes increasingly complex and widespread, Baird Williams & Greer’s antitrust attorney and staff can help you better understand your legal rights and responsibilities.

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