Insurance Litigation & Claims

Every business and every family needs insurance to protect them against calamity. Our breadth of legal consulting services helps our clients identify and evaluate potential insurance policies, ensuring proper safeguarding of assets.

Our insurance litigation attorney Phoenix AZBased in Phoenix, AZ, Baird Williams & Greer insurance claims attorneys fight to hold insurance companies accountable. Our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience in insurance law, providing recommendations, interpreting insurance policies, defining the scope of coverage, addressing insurance claims and litigating coverage disputes, class actions, and insurer bad faith.

We are also recognized for our unyielding representation of clients in insurance litigation matters, including first-party and third-party claims. We represent businesses, insurers, and individuals in the aviation, automobile and HOA industry. Our insurance litigation attorney works diligently to ensure our clients get a fair settlement when they decide to pursue an insurance claim.

Insurance litigation is complex, time-consuming and risky. Our firm’s philosophy is to first attempt to dispose of litigation matters expeditiously and economically through dispositive motions, alternative dispute resolution or credible negotiations. However, when trial is a necessity, our Phoenix insurance litigation attorneys have practiced on both sides of the courtroom and can build the best possible case for our clients.

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