Tips for Choosing the Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident in Phoenix

According to a recent U.S survey, over 80% of motorcycle accidents will result in severe injury or death. Even the smallest road mishap can produce pain, permanent and even life-threatening physical havoc to motorcycle enthusiasts. Even today, many people still do not seem to understand how vulnerable motorcyclists are on our Phoenix highways.

motorcycle accident lawyer understands all these risks that motorcyclists take each day and will fight for their rights to compensation from those who are reckless or negligent on the highway.

When you are rolling the dice and looking for the best Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer to work on your injury case, you should shift your utmost priority on the distinctive qualities of the lawyer. You can find the experience, credentials and results that suit your search, but you should also consider your lawyer’s firsthand experience with motorcycles.  It helps if your motorcycle attorney knows how it feels to be disrespected on the highway- or not. Their first-hand experience will help them put together a compelling legal argument for their prospective injured client and their families.  

Why Hire Us as Your Personal Injury Attorney

Our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers are fully passionate and committed to protecting the safety of motorcycle riders as well as doing their optimal best to fight for their recovery and financial compensation. You really need a strong-headed lawyer to maximize your deserved compensation.

We will never accept the common “I never saw the biker” excuses. We will never allow the at-fault parties to get away with a flimsy excuse in a swift attempt to ward off the blame for their actions. We are a tough motorcycle accident litigator in Phoenix and in the surrounding areas. We are passionate about holding negligent parties accountable for our client’s injuries and damages.


If your motorcycle injury was caused by someone else’s carelessness or horrible road conditions caused your motorcycle crash, we will help you claim your compensation on the following conditions:

  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damage to your future earning potential
  • Permanent injury and disability
  • Loss of life’s enjoyment
  • Psychological damages
  • Living expenses while you recover

We are fully dedicated to defending your right. We promise to team up and fight tirelessly for you and get you what you really deserve!! Why not get in touch today?

At Baird Williams and Greer, we understand the complexities that go along with a personal injury related to a motorcycle accident. Contact us today and let’s talk about your case.

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