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Motorcycle Accident in PhoenixRiding a motorcycle is fun and is more than just a means of transportation to most of us. Most motorcyclists love the freedom and joy brought about by a motorcycle, but with your body so exposed getting injured is quite easy. Even in non-fatal accidents, motorcyclists can incur permanent injuries which can end up affecting their ability to work or perform daily activities. With all that said, getting what you deserve when someone else is at fault can be tricky with an inexperienced accident attorney especially with the common misconception that motorcyclists are always in the wrong.

When’s the Best Time to get a Lawyer Involved?

The best time to get a motorcycle accident lawyer involved with your case is immediately after the accident while the evidence is still fresh. An experienced attorney will help explain the options to you and help you get what you deserve.

An attorney will help you create your case by:

  1. Gathering Evidence
    The evidence they collect will help them determine who is at fault even days after the accident occurred. This includes police reports, accident photographs and various surveillance videos from any traffic cameras.

  2. Interviewing all witnesses
    As much as the police talked to some of the witnesses, your lawyer should also talk to everyone who was present when the accident occurred.

  3. Reviewing the Medical Report
    The only proof of injury which the court will accept is the medical reports prepared by your doctors. So your motorcycle accident lawyer will review the reports and even call various medical specialists who will help explain what you went though both emotionally and physically.

  4. Handling Insurance Issues
    Your attorney will take care of all the negotiation with the insurance companies on your behalf while you recover in the hospital or at home, thus making sure you get what you deserve.

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Our highly qualified motorcycle attorneys have handled several accidents in the Phoenix area successfully and always aspire to get the most for our clients. In as much as these cases are different, our lawyers are always committed to helping you recover the damages incurred which include property damages and medical bills and additional compensation in case of a permanent injury.

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